Financial Times

Full suite of HTML5 co-branded traffic drivers to support the marketing of Financial Times’ Special Reports.

App Editor

A real-time collaborative web editor for creating educational animated apps for children

Fisco Facile

Custom CMS + E-commerce system, Responsive Frontend and Backend.


Tweene is a JS Animation Proxy that helps to improve the most used animation engines (GSAP, Velocity.js, Transit or jQuery), allowing to do more and better.


    Marco Rosella

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    For the award winning designer Marco Rosella I have worked on the server-side scripts for, a SVG motion graphics experiment.

    My scripts query Vimeo’s API and cache the results on the server, for better performance.

    PHP, Caching, API integration

  • Styledrops


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    The fashion e-commerce site Styledrops, specialized in international selling of famous “made in Italy” firms, runs on an MVC framework written fully by me.

    The system manages localization in four languages and six currencies for covering all the needs of its international audience.

    E-commerce, CMS, PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript

  • Gente Roma


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    Gente Roma is an important player in the italian fashion business.

    For ECMedia I have heavily customized a Magento E-Commerce platform, in order to fulfil the client’s needs.

    E-commerce, PHP, MySQL, Magento

  • Volagratis Pilot


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    For Inmediares I’ve written the frontend code for the game Volagratis Pilot, available on the Google Chrome Web Store.

    The game takes advantage of AppCache and LocalStorage technologies for working in offline mode and storing locally the player’s score.

    HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, AppCache, LocalStorage